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New Technology


New NHS Hearing Aid Technology

New NHS Hearing Aids For 2024

The gap between Private hearing aids and NHS hearing aids has narrowed considerably over the last few months. New NHS technology has improved performance very significantly.

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Now With Bluetooth Technology

New NHS hearing aids now contain Bluetooth technology. Stream calls, music and videos from your phone. Stream sounds clearly from TV, laptops and other devices. Use remote control Phone Apps to control your hearing aid from your phone. Call to find out more.


Discreet Hearing Aids

New NHS hearing aid models are smaller and more discreet. With very thin tubes, the new range are virtually invisible! Call us for further information.

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Better Hearing in Background Noise

Hear better in busy restaurants and cafes. The latest NHS hearing aids perform significantly better in challenging environments compared to previous models. Contact us to arrange a new NHS appointment or to discuss further.

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