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NHS Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests

in Southwark, Lambeth, Greenwich, Lewisham Bromley & Bexley. Click here for branches.

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Suffering with Hearing Loss ?

Call us for information on how to access our service. Tel - 020 7297 4488

Have others been complaining that you do not hear them? Perhaps you raise the TV much louder than they like? Maybe you find certain situations difficult like noisy restaurants or hearing the grandchildren?

Get in touch with us to schedule a Free NHS hearing assessment, and if it's suitable, we'll provide you with free NHS hearing aids. We typically have appointment slots available within 7 days, and the best part is, you don't need a GP referral! Just give us a call to set up an appointment, and we'll take care of all the arrangements with the NHS for you.Tel - 020 7297 4488

This service is only for those who are 18+ and whose GP is located in South East London, Bromley and Bexley areas.

Friends On A Walk

New Patients Seeking an NHS -funded Audiology Service

For new patients (over 18) interested in NHS funded hearing test or NHS funded hearing aids, you no longer need a GP referral ! Simply book yourself into our service using the Self -Referral form below or arrange an appointment by calling us now on 


Tel - 020 7297 4488

Gardening Together

Check Your Eligibility for an Upgrade to Newer NHS Hearing Aid Technology

If you have had your NHS hearing aids for more than 3 years, you may be eligible for an upgrade to newer NHS hearing aid technology if there is clinical need for an upgrade. Please contact us to book this reassessment.

email us  or

Tel - 020 7297 4488

​Self-Referral Booking Request Form

Self-Referral Booking Request Form
Our Clinic Locations Below

Abbey Wood 

Lakeside Medical Practice, Yarnton Way, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 9LH


Summercroft Surgery

1C Starts Hill Rd



Clapham Family Practice
89 Clapham High St London, SW4 7DB


Plas Meddyg Surgery

40 Parkhill Road, Bexley

Bexley DA5 1HU


Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre
19 Homefield Rise, Orpington, BR6 0FE


Bromley Park Medical Centre

4 Daly Drive, Bromley BR1 2FF


The Lister Practice

101 Peckham Road

SE15 5LJ

East Dulwich

London Lordship Lane Surgery

417 Lordship Lane

East Dulwich
SE22 8JN



DMC Healthcare

60 Chadwick Rd

SE15 4PU

Clinic Locations

Looking for our private hearing aid service? Head to

Hearing Healthcare

Hearing Healthcare Is Important For Cognitive, Psychological, Social and Physical Wellbeing 

Call Us For NHS funded Hearing Test / Hearing Aid Fitting Today

Tel - 020 7297 4488
About Us

About Us:


Our NHS Audiologists are highly qualified and experienced, providing first-class hearing healthcare with unrivalled aftercare. Call our team today to register .


Short Waiting Times

We are able to see you quickly, whether it is for a new assessment or for ongoing service. Call our friendly customer services team today for an appointment. 

Tel - 020 7297 4488

 Local Centres 


We know how important it is to for you to have easy access to a service. Our clinics are never far away from your home, with convenient transport links, and easy parking. We are available in South London, Bromley and Bexley. See our locations here

Latest Hearing Technology

NHS hearing aids can vary considerably in their performance. Some providers fit hearing aids with older technology. We only provide the very latest generation of NHS systems to ensure you get the best performance possible. Read more here

  • Is ‘South London NHS Audiology’ an approved provider of NHS hearing aids and services?
    Yes, ‘South London NHS Audiology’ is part of Audiological Science Ltd. We are a reputable and experienced provider of NHS hearing aids and hearing services in South East London. (To confirm our status as an NHS provider, please visit the official NHS website through this link: NHS Services by Audiological Science.)
  • Can I schedule an NHS audiology appointment without a GP referral?
    Absolutely! You can contact us directly to schedule an appointment. There is no need for a GP referral. Simply fill out the contact form, send us an email or call us and we will contact you to arrange an appointment and answer any questions you may have.
  • How quickly can I be seen?
    We typically have appointment slots available within 7 days!
  • Are the Hearing Aids and the Hearing Test fully funded by the NHS?
    Yes, our services are entirely funded by the NHS. The hearing test, hearing aids, batteries and follow-up services are all free of charge to you. You will not need to pay anything at all.
  • How long does it typically take to receive my NHS hearing aids after assessment?
    In 90% of appointments you will receive your NHS hearing aids on the same day as your initial appointment with us. The hearing aid fitting takes place immediately after your hearing test during your first visit to us.
  • Does the NHS supply Bluetooth hearing aids?
    Yes, our NHS hearing aids are now Bluetooth-enabled. Enjoy seamless integration with digital devices for an enhanced hearing experience. This includes streaming phone calls and music/videos/media from your mobile device. Additionally, a phone App can be used to control your hearing aid settings (e.g. volume, noise reduction)
  • Do you have multiple branches for your NHS audiology services in South East London?
    Yes, we have branches in all South East London Boroughs. Branches include Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich, East Dulwich, Orpington, Peckham and more.
  • I already have NHS hearing aids. Can I upgrade to your latest NHS hearing aid technology?
    If you have had your NHS hearing aids for more than 3 years, you may be eligible for an upgrade to newer NHS hearing aid technology if there is clinical need for an upgrade. Please contact us to book this reassessment.
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Locations in South East London - Click Here

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Locations in South East London - Click Here
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